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ReSound Accessories



Phone Clip+




New levels of phone freedom


The new ReSound Unite™ Phone Clip+ gives you more freedom, comfort and control when on the phone.

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Unite Remote Control 2




Easy, visual control


  • Easy, visual control
  • With the ReSound Unite Remote Control 2 you’ll never lose track of your hearing aid settings. You can change programs and adjust the volume on each of your hearing aids. And the easy-to-see display clearly shows settings.

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 TV Streamer 2





 Mini Microphone




Enough sound to go around


The ReSound Unite™ TV Streamer 2 transforms your hearing aids into wireless headphones. It sends stereo sound directly from your TV, stereo or computer directly into your hearing aids from up to seven meters away.


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The ultimate portable voice and sound streamer


Clip the ReSound Unite Mini Microphone onto the shirt of the person you want to hear and experience how much more relaxing it is to hold a conversation. You won’t need to look directly at the person speaking either, which transforms cooking and driving into social activities again.


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